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Positronics (Villavecchia & Schvarzman)

Released February 1, 2006   

Of how one beautiful afternoon, in the music room, a Selmer Mark VI and a empty computer, a Mac PowerBook G4, met; and of how the sax began to give away sounds to the computer; and of how the computer began to play around with those sounds, and the sax accompanied the new notes the computer came up with; and the computer, likewise, continued to play around with the new notes by the sax, so that the music from one and the other embraced and joyfully intertwined, rolled up together and fused. And of how, between the two, it was all a making and unmaking of sounds and delighting the sences, and by means of their art the two were joined in a close and passionate friendship, in such a manner that no one could figure out were one began and the other ended. And it went on that way forever.
Only single notes
intermingling others
remain pure at all.
-of all the sounds, the sound-

Liba Villavecchia: sax and shakuhachi
Pablo Schvarzman: laptop
Grabado por Maurici Villavecchia en Villavecchia Music en el mes de septiembre del 2005.
Postproducción y Mastering en el estudio El Quincho.
Diseño de portada y fotos por
Foto de portada e infografía por Roberto Fara.
Textos de Victor Sunyol.
Text translation by D. Sam Abrams.